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Art Raffle! Win free commission!Weekly Features

So, you voted for an art raffle...
2 WINNING PLACES, free portrait (digi or trad) or digital speedpaint of your choice.
Examples of what it looks like:

+ a sketch prize will be added for every 20 participating 'numbers'. Technically, every tenth participant wins :woohoo:
Examples of what it looks like:
Zer0 sketch by CyberII
How to participate:
Be my watcher (new watchers are very welcome);
Fav this journal;
Share it in your Journal;
Comment with a link to your repost.
Optional (+1 number): Tag 3 friends.

Commissions: PayPal, DA points. by CyberII
Few examples of what I do, more in my gallery.
Good luck!

Commissions: PayPal, DA points.Quick sketch: $12-15 Example:
Lineart: $25-40 Example:
Stylized portrait: $25 Example:
Digital speedpaint: $30-50 Example: Creepypasta: Slenderman by CyberIIPrototype: Hugs for Food by CyberIISCP-049: The Doctor is In by CyberII
Lines + simple/flat coloring: $30-40 Example: Is That Your Wish? by CyberIIKurwastyle Project final by CyberIIVarjo by CyberIIShould I Take It Off For You? by CyberII
Painting w/BG: $50-70 Example: Underwater by CyberIIKeiva x Black Rose by CyberIIDon't Go In the Woods by CyberIITeam Misanthropy for Tumblr by CyberII

Price list is not complete since there're lots of technique variations i use. If you're not sure about the exact technique you may just point at any pictures of mine saying 'I want it to look this way' and i'll tell you the price.
The more you ord
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